RAID: Shadow Legends 5.60.2 Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

Shimul, Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Download RAID: Shadow Legends 5.60.2 Mod Apk for free to android device from direct Download links.

RAID: Shadow Legends Mod Apk (Mod Menu)

RAID: Shadow Legends is a new mobile game that has just released and is quickly becoming one of the most popular games on the market. If you’re interested in trying it out, but don’t have an Android phone or don’t want to spend money on in-game items, then you can use our mod menu to get all the same features and benefits without spending a dime!

What is RAID: Shadow Legends?

Shadow Legends is a free to play, 3D action MMO set in an all new world of mystery and adventure. With lush forests, deep canyons and towering peaks, the game offers a stunning visual experience that you will never want to leave.

RAID: Shadow Legends is a massive game with over 2000 quests, 50 unique towns and 8 different races to choose from. Choose your class, train your skills and join forces with other players to defeat the evil forces that threaten the kingdom.

The game is currently in open beta and you can join the community on social media sites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

How to get RAID: Shadow Legends?

RAID: Shadow Legends is a new mobile game released by Gameloft. The game is based on the popular PC game series and allows players to control hero characters and battle against otherworldly creatures in a variety of dungeons.

To get started, first you will need to download the mod menu from the Google Play store. Once installed, open the menu and select “Add-Ons”. From here, you will be able to download the RAID: Shadow Legends mod.

Once the mod is downloaded, open it and select “Install”. Next, choose which heroes you want to use and press “Next”. Finally, press “Finish” and restart the game for the mod to take effect.

If you encounter any problems while installing or playing the RAID: Shadow Legends mod, please contact support through the app or through Google Play.

Powerful Champions

RAID: Shadow Legends is a new mobile game that has quickly become one of the most popular games on the market. The game offers an interesting and unique premise that pits players against each other in a strategic battle to control territories on a map. The mod menu for RAID: Shadow Legends allows players to customize their characters and weapons in order to give them an advantage in battle.

Fight Epic Bosses

RAID: Shadow Legends is a new epic dungeon crawler that features fast-paced battles and challenging puzzles. Players control one of four unique heroes and battle through ever-changing dungeons in an effort to save the world from an evil force.

The game features a mod menu that allows players to change the game’s settings, including the resolution and graphics. There are also several mods available that add new bosses, dungeons, and items to the game.

Face The Multiplayer PvP Arena

RAID: Shadow Legends is a new multiplayer PvP arena game developed by the same team that brought you the popular and well-known Clash of Clans. Players take on the role of a summoner, working together to strategically place units on the map in order to defeat their opponents. The objective is to be the first to depletion of enemy resources, or destroy theirSummoner’s Portal.

The game offers fast-paced, action-packed PvP matches with different maps and layouts that can be played at any time of day or night. There are also weekly and monthly rankings for players to compete in.

Develop And Manage Your Bastion

RAID: Shadow Legends is a mobile game that allows players to develop and manage their bastion. Players can purchase new items, buildings and troops to help them in their quest to conquer the kingdom. The game has a mod menu that allows players to customize their game experience by changing the appearance of characters, weapons and items.

Experience Hassle-Free Autoplay

The Raid: Shadow Legends Mod Apk (Mod Menu) is a great way to get your fix of the game without having to deal with pesky controls or annoying glitches. Mods offer a unique way to experience games, and mods for Raid: Shadow Legends are no exception. If you’re looking for a hassle-free experience, the Raid: Shadow Legends Mod Apk (Mod Menu) is the perfect solution.

Menu Options in RAID: Shadow Legends

If you are looking for an exhaustive list of all the menu options available in RAID: Shadow Legends, then you are in for a disappointment. This is because there are many options that are not accessible from the main menu, but must be accessed through the mod menu. Thankfully, we have put together a comprehensive guide to all of the menu options available in the mod menu.

In this article, we will cover:

-The General Menu

-The Mod Menu

-The Game Options Menu

-The Combat Options Menu

-The Squad Options Menu

-The World Options Menu

-The Audio Options Menu

-The Graphics Options Menu

-And finally, the Save/Load Menu

Tips for Playing RAID: Shadow Legends

When it comes to playing RAID: Shadow Legends, there are a few tips that can help make the experience more fun and enjoyable.

First and foremost, be sure to familiarize yourself with the game’s controls. This includes learning how to use the basic movement and combat mechanics. Once you have a good understanding of how things work, you can start to experiment with different strategies and setups.

Another important factor is practice. If you want to get good at RAID: Shadow Legends, you need to play a lot of matches against other players. Do your best to find groups of friends who also love this game, and join in on multiplayer matches as often as possible.

And finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with the game’s mods menu. There are always new and exciting options available for players who are willing to look for them. So don’t be afraid to customize your experience in unique ways!



RAID: Shadow Legends is a new, free-to-play action RPG set in a world of shadows and conspiracy. Take on the role of one of four unique heroes as they fight to restore order to a shattered society an


d uncover the truth behind an ancient evil. With stunning 3D graphics and an immersive storyline, RAID: Shadow Legends is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. If you’re looking for some quality time in the palm of your hand, be sure to check out RAID: Shadow Legends today!

What’s new

New in 5.60.2:



– Two all-new Trunda Giltmallet Skins have been added: one Iconic and one


– Updated the Tag Team Arena Tier-placement system.

– Added the option to keep your result or regroup and try again after a Hydra battle.

– Added the ability to instantly upgrade a piece of Gear, skipping all the animations.

– Added a new Hydra-related Advanced Quest.

– Other game enhancements and fixes.

Download RAID: Shadow Legends 5.60.2 Mod Apk for free from below given link.

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